Software as a service is a vital ingredient for a successful company. It comprises 70 percent of company software use, increasing efficiency and aiding with different tasks. One of the top options to consider when upgrading your software is NetSuite.

NetSuite is ideal for a small business seeking help with core processes like order management, inventory, and accounting. You can scale it to fit your evolving needs, helping you propel your brand forward. With so many benefits, it’s fair to wonder, how much is NetSuite?

Exploring the package options is the best approach to determining the NetSuite cost per year. Here’s a breakdown of how much NetSuite costs to find a package within your budget!

What Is NetSuite?

NetSuite is scalable software designed to integrate with existing systems. It can be integrated with Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Management, and eCommerce platforms.

It is a cloud-based solution that is ideal for businesses hiring remote workers. Employees can collaborate and share live information with ease. Due to its customizable nature, you can use it to cover your small business’s precise needs.

How Much Is NetSuite?

The cost of NetSuite changes based on the user package you purchase. Breaking down the packages can help you find the perks and pricing that match your needs and budget. Here’s a look at the expenses that come with a subscription.

NetSuite Licensing Costs

A general access user can expect to pay $120 per employee. Your expenses are less steep if you’re a self-employed individual accessing NetSuite, as the monthly subscription fee is $19.

Another option is the NetSuite ERP License, which works as a subscription fee, with the overall pricing determined by the number of users. The base price is $999, or you can pay $99 per user.

NetSuite Implementation Pricing

Implementation is another substantial cost when considering NetSuite for your small business. A small implementation can cost up to $25,000 for professional installation and guidance.

Mid-size implementations cost up to $40,000, while large-scale implementations cost $60,000. Factor in your business’s size and the number of employees to get a clearer picture of what you can expect to pay. Work with the Top NetSuite Consultants to ensure a smooth transition.

NetSuite Support Costs

NetSuite, like many SaaS options, offers support to users to provide the best experience possible. The Essential Support package is often included in the subscription fee. You’ll gain access to a knowledge base and self-service support.

Enhanced Support is an excellent option if you want more hands-on assistance. Another option is NetSuite Managed Support, which is more expensive. The cost is estimated to be ten percent of the overall cost for NetSuite services.

Consider NetSuite for Your Small Business

Finding the most effective software tools is essential to gaining an advantage over your competitors. Options like NetSuite offer a cloud-based collaboration program, making your brand more appealing to remote workers.

Knowing how much is NetSuite can help you find the package that fits your company’s needs and budget. Expect to pay up to $120 per user per month to access support and the full spectrum of features.

Technology and software can help your small business compete with the established powers in your industry. Visit our Tech section for more guides to help you find the tools to take your company to the top today!