The cosmetic dentistry market could reach $7.2 billion in 2024 as more people prioritize their dental aesthetics. With smile enhancement treatments, you can improve your oral health and appearance. A picture-perfect smile can give you the confidence you need for a better, more fulfilling life. 

Not sure which dental treatments align with your needs and makeover goals? Read on to review your treatment options today!

Teeth Whitening

Your teeth can become dull, yellow, or discolored due to:

  • Coffee, tea, and wine
  • Certain medications
  • Foods that contain color dyes
  • Smoking

Discolored teeth can make you feel self-conscious. You may start hiding your smile, affecting your mood and outlook on life. Instead, talk to your cosmetic dentist about teeth whitening treatments. 

Brightening your smile can improve your overall appearance. It can also benefit your oral health. Treatment will remove bacteria from your mouth, reducing your risk of tooth decay.

Consider pairing teeth whitening treatments with other procedures. You can make over your smile now here. 

Otherwise, talk to your dentist about your lifestyle. They can make customized recommendations to help you avoid future discoloration.


Dental bonding is ideal if there’s excessive spacing between your teeth. These spaces give food and bacteria more places to hide. Your risk of tooth decay and gum disease could increase.

Improve your oral health and dental aesthetics with dental bonding treatment. This can help patients with broken, stained, cracked, or chipped teeth. 

A cosmetic dentist will fill your teeth using bonding materials. This can protect an exposed tooth from further damage. Treatment should last a few years with proper care.

Veneers and Crowns

Porcelain veneers can help patients whose teeth are:

  • Stained
  • Chipped, cracked, or worn
  • Crooked
  • Poorly shaped
  • Spaced out

Your dentist will buff your tooth before applying dental cement. They’ll shape the cement to improve your dental aesthetics. This option will last longer than dental bonding.

Crowns are small caps a dentist can place over an existing tooth. They can restore broken or worn teeth. They’ll also used for dental implants, weak teeth, and dental bridges.

Enamel Shaping

Do you have teeth that are awkwardly shaped? Allow your dentist to contour your teeth. This can improve crooked, overlapping, or chipped teeth.

Enamel shaping and contouring will improve the appearance of your smile. It can protect your teeth from further wear if you have bruxism.

Orthodontic Dental Treatments

For crooked teeth or large spaces between your teeth, consider orthodontic dental treatments. These smile enhancement options will straighten your teeth, improving your:

  • Ability to chew and digest food
  • Smile
  • Ability to brush and floss
  • Oral health (reducing the risk of decay or gingivitis)

Consider clear aligners. Invisalign treatment is discrete, making it ideal for business professionals. Friends, family members, and coworkers won’t realize you’re wearing these clear aligners.

Schedule Your Smile Makeover Today

Don’t let dull, crooked, or damaged teeth affect your appearance. Instead, visit a cosmetic dentist for dental care. Their smile makeover procedures can improve your dental aesthetics and oral health.

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