Over half of all homes in the US have fences surrounding their backyards. This is a critical part of addressing safety and privacy concerns. It also boosts your outdoor aesthetics, curb appeal, and property value.

Here, we’re going to discuss how you can choose the perfect vinyl fence gate for your home. Read on to enhance your gate design ASAP.

Choose a Vinyl Fence Gate Material

Vinyl fences are held in place with metal structures. Most of them are aluminum since this common metal is easily accessible and generally affordable. It’s also easier to install and maintain, so you can save on installation costs and challenges.

Aluminum is also easy to paint or stain to match your vinyl pickets. However, some people also like stainless steel for its weather-resistant properties.

Regardless of the material you choose, you can get it in smooth or textured varieties. Some people like engraved lines for a texture that contrasts well with smooth vinyl surfaces, so look over your options and talk to fence installers to make a sound decision.

Choose a Fencing Style

Many people think of picket fences immediately when someone talks about a vinyl fence gate. These are an amazing option for those going for a charming suburban aesthetic. These pickets are classics that never go out of style and they allow a lot of light into your yard through the slats between pickets.

However, those concerned with privacy may prefer privacy vinyl fencing. These fences are solid walls with pickets pressed flush against each other to avoid gaps. No one can see into the enclosure, which is perfect for those with pools or hot tubs in their spaces.

Racked vinyl fences are another option for those who live on hilly properties. These fences are made to go on a slope and connected with diagonal pieces of vinyl. This keeps them in place even while on an angle.

Make sure that the gate opens and closes easily regardless of its type. Hinged doors are easy to open with one hand and sliding sections are quick to open and close.

Decide on a Color

One awesome feature of vinyl gate design is that PVC comes in limitless hues. Neutral whites, tans, beiges, and blacks go with every home aesthetic since they match all siding and outdoor decor.

However, bright colors like canary yellow and sky blue can make your home feel invigorating or calming. Green, a natural color, is also ideal for those who want an outdoorsy look. Shades of green match trees, bushes, other foliage, moss, vines, and gardens.

You can also choose vinyl planks that look like wood. They’re gorgeous and natural looking while not being vulnerable to water damage or wood-boring pests. This means you can get a natural wood aesthetic that lasts a lifetime and is easy to maintain.

Start the Gate Selection Process

Now that you have some tips for choosing the perfect vinyl fence gate for your home, it’s time to begin enhancing your outdoor aesthetics.

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By Martinj